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From a prominent cognitive psychologist

“[Your article] is by far the best piece I have seen on behavioral and psychological impacts of gun violence.”

From a prominent social psychologist

“You really put together a fantastic piece on the topic—the best I’ve read to date.”

From a clinical psychologist based in Singapore

“Thank you so much for writing your recent article ‘Improved Treatment for Developmental Trauma’ in the Monitor. I read it with complete attention even though I have been reading the topic of developmental trauma for over 50 years.  And yet your article was the first to provide a very clear argument not only of the phenomena of developmental trauma but also a clear argument for its inclusion in any forthcoming DSM…Your article, particularly the listing of up-to-date symptoms of developmental trauma, had a profound effect on me emotionally as I believe they will for thousands who read this article. I am so grateful to you Zara for your insight and great skill at writing.”

From the president of an APA division

“I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for your article this month in the Monitor, ‘Controlling the spread of misinformation.’ Lots of great resources here.”

From a professor of psychology at UCLA

“You did a fantastic job coordinating all the various research components. Congrats to you on your fine work!”

From a social work doctoral student at USC

“I am just now including one of your articles in the APA Monitor in my bibliography for one of my assignments. Your work is important and you are setting a standard of excellence for all those coming up behind you.”